Life Coaching and Training Mindfulness

This is the site of ‘Readingpraktijk Woerden’: the practice of life coaching and training Mindfulness and Intuïtion in Woerden (Utrecht, the Netherlands). With meditation, body work, energy reading, tantra-heart meditation and aura healing. It is an initiative of Rienk Schaafsma (Deva Shantam) and Marieke Leentvaar inspired by several travels and trainings (academic, spiritual) and above all based on own experiences through life.

The practice is about giving space to your own life energy, healing the balance of mind and spirit, work and freetime, joy in relationships, just feeling more human! Working with practical meditation tools such as Mindfulness and skills such as aura-chakra reading, tantra, healing and life coaching.

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For more information: just mail or phone! (see ‘Contact‘).